Art For Life

Through Art for Life, we work with artists to generate funds to support social investment.

We are not an economic power, neither military nor political but we can be a cultural power.
— Manuel Benjamin Carrion Mora (1897–1979)


"This thought of Benjamin Carrion describes exactly our identity and our cultural wealth and geography. We are the heirs of an ancestral Cosmo vision that remains alive through our traditions and customs. That is why I allow myself to weave in religious and urban symbols in my paintings with suggestive metaphors that appear in many cases extremist and perhaps incomprehensible. To me, this is what artistic expression is all about: the highest expression of hope and the concept of culture as an instrument of freedom allowing the permanent growth and development of the individual.” Luis Salazar

Luis Salazar was born in Quito, January 31, 1966. At the age of 21, he enrolled in the Art Faculty from the Central University in Quito. While he began pursuing a career in photography, he soon became passionate about painting. He took classes with Maestro Oswaldo Viteri and traveled to Cuba to pursue his studies. He started painting soon after and was immediately recognized as a very unique talent. His most recent exhibits include: chashama Gallery on 3rd Avenue, New York City, Amerindia at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Berlin, Arts for a Better World in Miami, chashama 30 West gallery in New York City, the Orbankai International Cafe in Landshut, Germany, the Meguro Art Museum in Tokyo, National Art Gallery in Malaysia, Casa de las Americas in La Havana, Jack Meier Gallery in Houston, Texas, and many other individual and collective exhibits in Ecuador. Luis teaches Art History and lives in Quito. So far, Luis Salazar has produced 65 paintings for the Art for Life Collection of Palms for Life Fund.

Palms for Life Fund is the exclusive representative of Luis Salazar in the United States. Since 2006 Palms for Life has commissioned 65 paintings from the artist. All net profits generated through Art forlife help feed and educate poor children in Ecuador . All donations are exempt from Federal Tax Income under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about price, tax-deductible portion of your purchase, or to set up a private showing of the art of Luis Salazar, please write to


Fabrizio Chiesa - BIO

Our dear friend and talented photographer and filmmaker documented the work of Cuentamelo Todo in our project in Ecuador where children attend a Mobile Library on the street. Selected, limited prints.

To see more of Fabrizio's work, visit