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World Water Week: Why water is key to development | All media content | DW.COM | 24.08.2015

To conclude World Water Week 2015 we share a beautiful and informative piece on how water is key to sustainable development, and how we can preserve..

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Eleven things women in Saudi Arabia cannot do

“This long overdue move is welcome but it’s only a tiny fraction of what needs to be addressed over gender inequality in Saudi Arabia,” Amnesty..

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How access to clean water differs for families across the world

“I’ve traveled all over the world in the past month shooting this water campaign, and I’m shocked by the amount of water my family uses in New..

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Masogo school in Nairobi’s Kibera slum hits the right note with music that heals | Heenali Patel

“Sometimes, you see the children come in the morning. You look at them and they are sad,” says Lilian Wangala, who founded Magoso in 1998…

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We’re proud of our work in Swaziland and happy to share it with you! The Palms for Life team goes on an Observational Visit to a NCP (Neighborhood..

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This gorgeous trio of paintings by Luis Salazar is one of our favorites from Art for Life. Art for Life gives you a new way to FIGHT POVERTY..

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World Humanitarian Day

Today, August 19, is World Humanitarian Day. On this day in 2003 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad. Today..

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Join1000 | Palms For Life Fund

Palms for Life would like to invite YOU to be an ACTIVE global citizen. Join1000 members will be voting on an education or sanitation project..

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Nicaragua is one of Palms for Life’s focus countries and the location of our next Join1000 microproject. Here are some fast facts you may not..

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