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Faces of Hunger

Palms for Life supporters!! Have you LIKED our Faces of Hunger page? By doing so you’ll have access to exclusive, dedicated updates and content..

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Palms for Life Fund

“Female genital mutilation is internationally recognized as a violation of human rights, yet it is often carried out under the guise of tradition,..

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Timeline Photos

Palms for Life Executive Director Hannah Laufer-Rottman on a recent field visit to our project in Swaziland. The project aims to strengthen and..

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Visiting Swaziland, January 2016

We want to GIVE you a little something for your support of our work. By signing up for our newsletter this week you can have the opportunity..

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Why does almost half of America’s food go to waste? | PBS NewsHour

“Roughly 40 percent of food produced in America never makes it to the table. Whether it rots in the field, is trashed at the supermarket, or..

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Faces of Hunger

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A group of academics wants to nominate Greeks who aided refugees for the Nobel Peace Prize

Something sweet to share this Sunday…a petition to nominate ordinary Greek citizens for their help in the refugee crisis. Take a look.

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Magnificent Seven: the global drama putting women’s rights centre stage | Anna Leach

“Society creates a fake mirror where women look weak,” she says. “After watching the play girls know how to break that fake mirror. It..

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Faces of Hunger | Palms For Life Fund

CALLING ALL FILMMAKERS! Palms for Life’s awareness event, Faces of Hunger, is devoted exclusively to the exploration and documentation of food..

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Donate | Palms For Life Fund

At Palms for Life we share our love and compassion by bringing basic human rights to those around the world.

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